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Interested Student

Partner with Indie School Commons

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength." - Maya Angelou


Champion School

Commitment to support and advocacy

Partner and support Indie School Commons as a independent and / or private school in Houston. Your support and advocacy for black children will provide much needed resources and programs for the ISC community.

Founding Champion

Your chance as an individual or business to make an impact

As a Founding Champion, you are an essential financial contributor and supporter of ISC programs. Your contributions will support community events and the cost to run ISC on a monthly basis.

Art Class Girl

Civic Champion

Your Chance to Make an Impact

Partner with us to sponsor, champion, or underwrite programs and resources that directly impact our community.

Happy Family Portrait

Support events and socials

Support our events and socials in various ways such as donating supplies or volunteering to assist with day of coordination. The possibilities are endless!

School Ambassador

Become a school ambassador. Be a point person for your private school informing parents about ISC and advocating for our community.

African American Kids Dancing

Join Our Village


A child in your family who identifies as Black/African-American AND

has an affiliation with or attend a private or independent school?




A child in your family Black/African-American AND

on the private/independent school "track?"

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