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Our Story

Indie School Commons was co-founded by Derek and Sheneq Aranda. After experiences with private and independent schools, Derek and Sheneq realized that many black families, like them, felt isolated. They reached out to other black families in Houston for advice and support in launching Indie School Commons.

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Our Mission

Indie School Commons engages and supports Black families attending private and independent schools through community, resources, programming, and advocacy. Our mission is to provide a positive K-12 experience that will enable and empower students to achieve their maximum potential.

Family Bike Ride

Our Vision

A voice in the community

To provide a rich community for black families affiliated with private and independent schools in Houston and a voice that speaks for the Black experience in those schools.

African American Kids Dancing

Join Our Village


A child in your family who identifies as Black/African-American AND

has an affiliation with or attend a private or independent school?




A child in your family Black/African-American AND

on the private/independent school "track?"

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