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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Indie School Commons?

Many black students lack substantial ethnic diversity in their daily school experience and we want our children feel a stronger sense of community and have a support village.

ISC is special because we are a village for black families supporting them through resources, programs, and advocacy. Join us to strengthen our community by focusing on the student, parent/caregiver/family, and school pillars of partnership.

What is the criteria to join ISC?

The only criteria to join ISC is that a child in the family must identify as Black / African-American and is affiliated with a local private school. This includes multiracial families who are mixed with Black / African-American. This may also include Black / African-American families that are on the independent/private school "track," who want to be apart of this unique community. Black / African-American independent and private school faculty and administrators are welcome to join.

How do I join ISC?

In order to join ISC, register online. You will receive a confirmation when your membership is accepted. There is no cost to join. Remember, it takes an entire village to support our children. Consider supporting our community in any way you can - time, talent, resources, participation. Maintaining the village mentality makes for a strong, supportive community for our children.

I am already a member of Jack and Jill. Why join ISC?

ISC is strictly geared toward families affiliated with independent/private schools in the Houston area. Jack and Jill is a national organization run by Black / African-American mothers through a selection process. Members children do not have to be in private school and membership is limited.

While both organizations support black children through various programs, Jack and Jill and ISC differ in structure and mission. It is perfectly fine for families to participate in both organizations. We believe that Jack and Jill does great work to support Black / African-American children as does ISC.

I am already a member of the black affinity group at our affiliated school. Why join ISC?

We encourage families to get involved at their affiliated school and particularly affinity groups if offered. School affinity groups are a wonderful way to connect with the Black / African-American community at your school. ISC is here to bridge families affiliated with independent / private schools throughout the entire Houston area. Through ISC Black / African-American families have the opportunity to mix and mingle with others sharing the same unique experience, just at different schools.  

Can I join ISC even if my child does not attend an independent or private school?

Yes! We welcome any Black / African-American families that are on the private school "track," have interest in or intend to join independent/private schools.

Where does the donated money go?

100% of donations directly covers expenses related to hosting the monthly ISC programs, social events, and advocacy for our children. ISC is run by volunteers.

Family Time

Join Our Village


A child in your family who identifies as Black/African-American AND

has an affiliation with or attend a private or independent school?




A child in your family Black/African-American AND

on the private/independent school "track?"

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